Grades 5-6 KidZone Registrations

Date:October 21, 2021
Admission Fee:Free
More Info:

KidZone Registration for Children in Grade 5-6

Please read the information below and then fill in the registration form below. Space will be given to include allergies and notes to the staff regarding your children's care while attending KidZone.

Please note: 

1. The children will be collected at 3:15 PM when school ends and walked to 55 Ivan Street.  The walk will take approximately 15 minutes.  The children will be given a snack when they arrive. Please be at the church at 5:30 PM to pickup your children.

2. Covid screening done at the school will be sufficient for attendance at KidZone. 

3. The leaders of this year's KidZone are asking parent's and children to comply with current school Covid restrictions, including mask wearing, while at ZidZone. 

4. The staff understand that children will be children, but if circumstance dictate, KidZone leaders reserve the right to call a parent to come pick up their child.


Available Spots: 13
Space is provide below to list your child's name with notes to the leaders.