Children's Church for the next several weeks will be provided by one of our new missionaries.  She is serving at Sandy Cove Bible Camp as Camp's Program Manager.  Amy is family to Olivet.  

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Puppet Tales. Check out all 7 Episodes.

Amy Kaufman  Amy Kaufman  

Hey Families! Come back here EVERY week for new videos for Sunday at Home with your children! Each week there will be a video to watch and a family guide with something to do together as a family! Its important to go over the memory verse, bottom line, and "Life App" with your kids each week so they can commit some of those things to memory! 

Our videos are for the "Elementary" age group which is defined as JK-Grade 3 or


Kids outside this range would likely enjoy it and learn from it as well, but if you'd like to check out videos for different age groups, head over here!