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Children are important to us at Olivet Baptist Church.

In the Bible, as we read about Jesus and His ministry on earth, it is very evident that Jesus loves the little children and so should we!

 Our Family Ministries pastor is Phil Morrill.

We have a kids area during our Sunday service, a summer week long VBS (more details available as it approaches), and an after school program we call KIDZONE.  Please see our First Time? page for details about Sunday!

Kidzone- weekly program

Olivet has a group called KIDZONE, for everyone JK-Grade 6, that meets Monday from 3:40-5:30. Kids learn and grow in their own unique ways and we want to become part of that process so that we can be part of giving the kids who come out a BETTER FUTURE. 
KIDZONE is designed with your kids in mind! We recently underwent a fairly significant refresh of our “kid-zone” on the lower level of Olivet. Some bright colours, cool lights, and a brand new group set up has brought some fresh life into what we do! Our new program is made specifically for this age group and how they learn and grow! I can’t wait for you to be a part of it!
Most importantly, we haven't forgotten about you PARENTS! One thing we want to make sure we do through our Kidzone program is partner with each child's parents or guardians! You have the most influence in your child's life and we want to support you the best we can to give your child a Better Future. We send home resources to help you understand what we teach the kids so you can talk with them about it. We send out extra resources that you can choose to use to help bring your family closer together! Pastor Phil uses these same resources in his family and says they have become a large part of what they do at home. 
Registration is always open for Kidzone! Sign up today and we will make sure you get connected! CLICK HERE
<———— AND Check out the Facebook page, or contact Pastor Phil to get some more details.