We do not have a formal offering during the service. A donations box is provided at the back of the church for this purpose.  Please speak to Sandra in the office to arrange for offering envelopes and enroll for tax receipts.  The tax receipts are issued in January. 


Give via E-Transfer:  Log into your banking site, select E-Transfer and use the churches email address  Most banks require you to add the email to your list of places you send money to for the first transaction.  The church is set up to automatically receive the transfer without the need for a secret code.  Please note: Using E-Transfer is less expensive than so please consider using it for your  donations.


We also have a smaller box for our Agape Fund.  Agape means love.  The Agape Fund givings are not receiptable.  The money that comes in goes to a one time need for people in the church or in the community.  This is given confidentially. 

Please speak to a deacon or pastor if you know of someone in need. 

Note:  we will be phasing out by the end of September

Give online right here, or download the app!

Giving here:

  1. Click Give
  2. Using a credit card or Visa Debit, enter the information requested
  3. Click give, and you're done!

There are some extra options if you'd like to use them...

  1. Click cover fees if you'd like to cover the processing fees for the church
  2. Click Setup Automated Giving if you'd like your giving to happen automatically
  3. Click remember me if you'd like to be remembered on this device. 

Giving in app

  1. Download App
  2. Create account
  3. Search for Olivet Baptist Church in the "Find a church" search bar
  4. Click Give Now
  5. Follow the directions above for "Giving here"