Getting Involved

     Olivet Baptist Church exists to promote Jesus as Saviour. Therefore, those volunteering at Olivet are expected to be saved and engaged in a growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If this does not describe you, although we appreciate your enthusiasm,  you may not volunteer in ministry here at Olivet. This is not meant as an insult, but rather as an Invitation to ask and learn more about what we mean when we talk about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through salvation.

      To those who are saved and engaged in a growing, personal relationship with Christ, we as church leadership would like to encourage you to take ownership of your faith, become a part of Olivet Baptist Church and help with the ministries.

     Getting involved in your local church is a great way to mature in your faith.  By actively participating, learning and watching other believers who are growing in their faith, you will begin to see how serving leads to glorifying God. It is good to seek out godly examples within our church community and learn from them what it means to live for Christ. 

     We ask that you speak to someone on our Ministry Team, or someone who is currently involved as a volunteer to see how you can help, and what is needed.