The Jolleys

Serving the Spanish and English-Speaking World

 with Fellowship International

August 18, 2020


Dear Prayer Partners


It is not easy to do ministry “as we knew it” in these days. A global pandemic has meant that life is different. The challenges continue to be hard because in a lot of areas of life and ministry we cannot do things the way that we would prefer or like to do them. We can feel “chained”. However, we find encouragement in what the apostle Paul discovered about being chained:


“what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel” - Philippians 1:12


Indeed, while Paul saw many immediate and personal benefits of his chains (which he explains in Philippians and other letters), it also meant results for the kingdom that he probably never envisioned. Those years of physical distancing for the apostle Paul meant that he sat down to do a lot of letter writing. In them he wrote out his theological insights as a result of how the Holy Spirit enabled Him to realize how the gospel of Jesus Christ spoke good news to the conflicted and confused world of his day. We are the inheritors of that legacy and so much richer for it. What would our New Testament look like without those prison letters of Paul? God continues to speak through Paul to the church to this very day.


What the apostle Paul discovered is true for us today. The gospel of the kingdom of God is never chained even though “chains” might be our reality, and probably in many more ways than what we can actually see or realize. It is because of this truth, that we are so encouraged to be part of ministries that actually seek to see movements in spite of “chains”.


One of these is the use of internet-based platforms for the growth and impact of God’s kingdom. During the months of May through to the present, Ken has been part of trial online projects with Simply Mobilizing and Leaders Formation. He is so pleased to announce the role out of new Simply Mobilizing discipleship resources here in Canada that have been adapted to video and discussion group formats that are ideal for local church home or small groups that can be conducted either via Zoom or physically present following local health guidelines under pandemic restrictions.


  • Empowered to Influence is a discipleship program that walks through 7 paradigm shifts that a Christian should make in order to be salt and light in the workplace (Matt. 5:13-16).
  • The Unfinished Story educates and inspires Christians in understanding biblically God’s mission to the world and the role of the church in this mission.
  • An online version of the Kairos course has also been developed. Lord willing, Ken will be part of a facilitating team via Zoom for a Spanish language version on Thursday evenings, Sept. 3 - Oct. 29, and will be doing the same for an English language version for south western Ontario, Sunday evenings Oct. 18 - Dec. 13.


If you would like to know more about these discipleship resources, you can check the website: simplymobilizing.com and scroll down on the homepage to see these courses with a more detailed description. If you would like to explore offering these as part of the discipleship program for your church, you can contact Ken as he would love to work with you in providing these resources. Once again, these programs have been adapted for use for local church small groups in the midst of the current pandemic.


In addition to these resources, Ken continues to mentor Immerse students in Colombia, S.A. and other servants around the globe. While we may feel “chained” the gospel and God’s kingdom are not. We are 2 encouraged by servants who are adapting to our new reality as they seek to engage God’s people in making God known with the new opportunities our current “chains” present.


Ken continues to fill the pulpit for Shoreline Baptist Church in Port Elgin as they search for a new pastor. A pastoral candidate is now being presented to the church. Lord willing, it will be an honour to bless this servant and their family as we walk together in this journey as Christ’s church.


Thank you for praying for these initiatives and these servants. Your partners in the gospel of the kingdom,


Ken & Mary Ann Jolley