Easter Extravaganza Puzzler

10 Days of Puzzles leading up to Easter

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Puzzle your way daily for a chance of winning one of six great prizes.

1st Prize -- $100 Gift Certificate for Meaford Independent Grocers

2nd Prize -- $50 Gift Certificate for Amici's Restaurant (sponsored)

3rd Prize -- $25 Gift Certificate for Tilley's Restaurant

4th Prize -- $10 Dairy Queen Voucher

5th Prize -- $10 Dairy Queen Voucher

6th Prize -- $10 Dairy Queen Voucher


1. No age limit.

2. Only submit one answer, per puzzle, per person. Each family member is welcome to submit an answer for each puzzle.

3. Only correct answers will be entered into the draw.

4. Draw held Easter Sunday April 4th during the online service.

5. Puzzles will be released daily starting Monday March 22nd - 26th then again from Monday March 29th - April 2nd.