Amy Kaufman

Good evening everyone!

The months of October and November have flown by! It has been a busy couple of months filled with work and church ministry and as my family's motto says, "Life is subject to change without notice and usually does."

My work schedule has switched from evenings to mornings which I don't mind because it feels like I get more done in the day.

The area of New Brunswick that I live in went back to Orange Phase which has put us under some more restrictions until they see numbers go down. However, I am blessed to still have work during this time! Sadly, we are unable to run AWANA. 

I want to share a blessing that I received this week. On Monday I went to the dentist office for a cleaning and to see if I had a cavity (I was pretty sure I did). Not only was I told I did not have a cavity, but when I went to the receptionist to pay, they told me that it was all taken care of! PRAISE GOD! I thank God for the kind soul that covered my dentist appointment and I thank Him that He provides for me. No matter what comes up each month, He will provide for me exactly when I need it. 

Prayer Requests:

- For me as I work on a missions portfolio to send to churches. Pray that I will not only get it done, but that God would be working in churches/people's heart to support me.

- My parents as they fly out to come to see me on Dec. 18th!!!!! Pray that we would all remain in good health, for great weather as they travel, and that we would return to Yellow Phase so they can meet people when they are out of isolation.

- That I would be able to balance work and ministry

Thank you for your prayers and support! I am so thankful for each one of you.

God Bless! 

Amy Kaufman

Program Manager